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BHeart Foundation is a volunteer organization located in Washington, D.C. dedicated to empowering Bosnian and Herzegovinian women and their families.  Comprised of a dedicated group of volunteers with an unwavering love for their homeland, BHeart is committed to humanitarian and other activities that propel BiH to unlock its true potential.

Founded in 2012, BHeart actively addresses pertinent issues and supports projects significant for the BiH community. With a focus on fostering positive change in education, social welfare, culture, environment, and more, BHeart leverages the talents, experiences, and abilities of individuals originally from BiH as well as their allies to promote its mission.

Although BHeart’s main focus is to help disadvantaged segments of BiH society, we also contribute to the development of a progressive and forward-looking Bosnia and Herzegovina and actively promote the country in the United States.

BHeart’s projects are wide-ranging:  from helping boost special education in Bosnia to supporting Bosnian artists to empowering Roma students, and most recently to supporting women victims of domestic violence.

We strive to preserve connections with our homeland by sustaining our heritage, identity and cultural connections of Bosnians and Herzegovinians in the diaspora. BHeart also actively promotes BiH in the United States and encourages diaspora youth to reconnect with their homeland.

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Our mission

BHeart is a volunteer organization that focuses on issues and supports projects important to Bosnian and Herzegovinian women and their families.

BHeart aggregates the talent of those originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina and their allies to further our work.

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