BHeart Immersive Experience of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Unique Travel Study Program in Bosnia and Herzegovina This Summer
for Students and Young Adults!

This summer, between July 20th and August 2nd, Green Visions, an eco-tourism and outdoor adventure agency from Bosnia and Herzegovina, in partnership with BHeart, a non-profit organization based in the U.S., is offering a unique travel study program.

The program is open to students and young adults, aged 17-27, from all over the world. The travel study program will provide an immersive student experience by combining eco-tourism, guest lectures, workshops, volunteer work, adventure, and fun in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Over the course of two weeks, the program participants will:

  • visit six beautiful cities (Sarajevo, Mostar, Jajce, Travnik, Banja Luka and Bihać), several mountains and villages, and some of the country’s most stunning rivers;
  • participate in lectures on BiH’s socialist and antifascist past, war destruction and post-war reconstruction, resilience and resistance, transnational migration, environmental and other issues, led by academics, journalists, government officials, activists, and nature enthusiasts;
  • meet and engage in discussions with other youth from around the globe;
  • engage in volunteer work in the community;
  • explore and enjoy the country’s breathtaking nature (including hiking and rafting) as well as the rich cultural and social life.

The main goal of the program is to provide a holistic and immersive student experience of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s social, political, cultural, and natural environment while engaging in physical and volunteer activities. This experience will allow participants to not only “discover” BiH in all its complexity, but to reflect on and examine their own worldview, biases, and ways of life. Participants will be encouraged to consider both BiH and their own countries in a comparative light, allowing them to realize that their way of life is only one among many, and is connected to all others.

We want you to remove your blinders, open your eyes and immerse yourself in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are confident that you will leave Bosnia and Herzegovina with a fuller heart, more open mind, some answers and many more questions…

The cost of the program: EUR 1445 (for a group of 10-12) or EUR 1320 (for a group of 13-15). The price does not include airfare, international insurance, or meals that are not noted in the itinerary.

For the itinerary and more details, please visit the Green Visions website

Application deadline: June 10th, 2022.

We look forward to seeing you in Bosnia and Herzegovina for this unforgettable journey!


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