“Bosnian Born” Exhibit: BH Has Got Talent

Photo: Dean Zulich Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is still heavily associated with war and suffering, 20 years after the conflict ended. BHeart founders teamed up with the BiH Embassy to host an art exhibit that would break stereotypes and show that there is much more to our country. The “Bosnian Born… 20 years later” exhibit celebrated the creativity, perseverance and survival of human spirit through art, film, photography, design and fashion. It featured 27 artists who were born in BiH and now live across the world. The Embassy registered a record number of visitors at the opening reception. Proceeds from the sold artwork benefited the Bosana Foundation, a California-based charity that provides scholarships to BiH war orphans and other marginalized youth in the country.

“Bosnian Born artists – representing all Bosnian and Herzegovinian ethnic groups – refuse nationalistic divisions and recognize the cross-cultural influences that shaped them. BHeart members feel the same and that is why we were so proud to showcase their work.”

– Gorana Neskovic BHeart Board Member


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