No Child Left Behind: BHeart Boosts Special Education

BHeart founders’s first event was a reception at the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in Washington, DC to raise funds for EDUS-Education for All. EDUS is a Sarajevo-based organization that helps families by raising awareness, fighting prejudice and providing specialized education to children with developmental disorders on its premises. Their work is essential because kids with developmental disorders in BiH do not receive special government support or education until they are six years old. Even then, most affected children do not attend school and are often marginalized from society. This highly successful event raised over $16,000, 100% of which went directly to EDUS, empowering it to continue its groundbreaking work with 65 children, the majority of whom have autism.

“The success of BHeart’s first project inspired us to devote support to more activities that can help build a better Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

– Dzenita Mehic Saracevic BHeart Chair


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